There would be no EAR without a community of builders, makers, and shakers.

EAR is a non-profit association living and breathing the energy and commitment of the community behind it. Emmentaler woodcraft experts rebuilt our roof, EAR-friends helped dismantle the chimney and a Cuban artist rebuilt a wall. A group of art-students renovated the kitchen, and a botanist jump-started the yard into a growing laboratory for degradability.

More and more people join the feeling of a common home. A place to rethink and re-tune towards a healthier you.

These are our pEARs, backEARs, and hEARos.

Your support will keep our plumbing flowing, our heating running, and our bellies full. Join as a Patreon to support EAR monthly or make a one-off donation via PayPal or Twint.

Whatever you choose, the funds you channel us will be put to use.



Contribute to EAR through the Alternative Bank Schweiz


Verein EAR,

Werikonweg 6, CH-8006 ZH


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Contribute to EAR with

Kaspar König

CH – Zürich


what will my support enable?

  1. Create opportunities for collaboration: By working with local farmers and landowners, EAR provides opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration and you can help foster a sense of community and action among members.
  2. Improve soil health: EAR explores ways of improving soil health through the use of natural fertilizers, cover crops, and other techniques, and share these methods with local farmers and landowners.
  3. Support community-based projects: EAR works with local communities to support projects that promote sustainability, such as community gardens, renewable energy projects, waste reduction initiatives and carbon offset.
  4. By focusing on the needs and interests of local farmers and residents, EAR helps build a strong community and promote positive change in the area and inspire globally

what is the legal entity?

Ear is a non-profit association constituted in Trubschachen/Kröschenbrunnen based on Art. 60 Swiss Civil Code (ZGB).

how can i learn more?

EAR is also a way of peer to peer learning. Join the newsletter and Telegram Group to keep yourself up to date. EAR is made by the people of this group under moderation by Kaspar König.

is my donation tax-deductible?

We are working on this.