• Proposal Retreat 2024/29/1-2/2

    Do you like writing proposals?Or is it a burden that separates your meaningfulgoal/challenge/piece you want to achieve and thetime you have for it?Whether art, science or environmental challenges

    Proposal Retreat 2024/29/1-2/2

  • LAIR – retreat – May 1st- 5th 2022

    The musicians from the Jatiwangi Art Factory are in EAR to prepare for their show in the Dokumenta 15 in Kassel. Thanks to Dominique Lämmli from ZHdK the tribal musicians are playing every day in their community based practice. If you want to check their full agenda and concerts in Switzerland check this site.

  • EAR-birth

    So slowly we are able to listen to you, thanks to the Website for EAR. We opened the WordPress blog and we hope you will become member! Environmental Artistic Research might become an umbrella for my activities combined with those of the many scientists, farmers and artists that I would love to see in the…


  • EAR Calendar

    In order to see project-dates, planning and availabilities, EAR added its calendear to the site.

    EAR Calendar