Music for non-Musicians. Inspired by Prof Stefan Kölsch Good Vibrations.

May: Friday 19th – Sunday 21th. This workshop aims to fulfil desires. Desires around music, sound and composing.

Have you been interested in making music but have you been giving up, thinking you are not “talented”? Did you feel the rhythm but couldn`t catch up? Have you been worried that music is not for you, although it is still tickling if you only knew how?

These questions and basic exercises will be guiding you through all kind of approaches to and experiences with music and sound.

In this workshop EAR will offer:

– use of many different classical and DIY instruments,

– time to deepen your listening, (alla Pauline Olivieros)

– Knowhow on playing with sound, digital / analog / compository etc.

– Improvisation and learning about understanding your own musicality.

You can bring your instrument.

We start Friday with a lunch together 12h. Please reserve your seat today! (or latest 14th of May limited to 10 seats) by sending an email to

Contribution is 200 CHF per person including food / lodging and a recording to take home.