About Ear

EAR was birthed by audio&design artist Kaspar K├Ânig, from the realization that the best ideas rarely take form alone, by the screen, and during office hours. Often, though not always, the best ideas erupt through spontaneous impulses, irrelevant revelations, and unforeseen encounters.

EAR is a petri dish for creatives, scientists, thinkers, entrepreneurs, movers, and shakers from near and far. EAR initiates and inspires dialogues and is a laboratory for environmental, artistic, and scientific challenges. The questions explored under the roof of EAR include:


Is listening art? How can listening help understanding? How can we understand each other better? What kind of sounds can we create? What is the origin of sound? How does sound enable soundness?


How to protect local biodiversity? How can these learnings be expanded beyond the tangible? How to connect the mind and the body in all this cacophony?


What are the project, innovations, and ideas that we can scale to address the off-the-scale challenges the world is faced with?

EAR is a place to find, develop, prototype and test ideas that might have the keys to avoiding an anthropogenic catastrophe.

EAR fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration. The association brings together artists, scientists, and other experts from diverse fields to collaborate on environmental research projects. Members can contribute to these efforts and gain insights from a wide range of perspectives.

To learn more & to get involved, reach out to: share@ear.education or subscribe to the newsletter.