The AIM of EAR is to inspire with tangible trans-disciplinarity.

With methods needed to bring together locals and citizens, scientists and farmers, creative entrepreneurs and helping hands, together we create a stronger sense with a set of real measurements for opportunities to empower environmental changes for good.
 EAR brings a deeper understanding through listening, elaborating know how with an open-lab-scene and meeting point.

EAR bring ideas and people together in a rural and urban context. We help to get ideas set into a reality that makes a step towards a positive footprint on this planet – one we want to stay on!

There are 3 easy ways to engage with EAR today:

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There is a loose Network of collectives and initiatives that EAR collaborates with and you can find some of them here:
 To plant trees and to compensate EAR-servers, we love:

Also Hackteria is a hugh source of inspiration and network. And this also counts for,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, and many more artists and initiatives we believe in –